Uncaught Reference Error: System is not defined

As I’m doing blog posts I’ve been making copies of the Aurelia skeleton project to use as demo code and I frequently get the error “Uncaught Reference Error: System is not defined”. However, running ‘jspm install’ doesn’t work.

What you need to to is re-download the latest loader and system files. Here is the command and the output:

jspm dl-loader -latest

Looking up loader files…

Using loader versions:
Looking up npm:babel-core
Looking up npm:babel-runtime
Updating registry cache…
ok Up to date – -a as npm:babel-core@^5.8.24 (5.8.35)
Looking up github:jspm/nodelibs-process
Looking up npm:process
Looking up github:jspm/nodelibs-assert
Looking up npm:assert
Looking up npm:util
Looking up npm:inherits
Looking up github:jspm/nodelibs-util
ok Up to date – -a-runtime as npm:babel-runtime@^5.8.24 (5.8.35)
ok ES6 transpiler set to -a.
ok Loader files downloaded successfully